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  1. MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki software.It was developed for use on Wikipedia in 2002, and given the name MediaWiki in 2003. It remains in use on Wikipedia and almost all other Wikimedia websites, including Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata; these sites continue to define a large part of the requirement set for MediaWiki..
  2. Mediawiki, av utvecklaren skrivet MediaWiki, är en wikiprogramvara utvecklad av Wikimedia Foundation, släppt som fri programvara under GNU General Public License.Den är skriven i PHP och använder databashanterare.. Mediawiki använder ett särskilt märkspråk, Wikikod, alternativt Wikitext, Wiki Markup eller Wikicode, för att hantera innehåll
  3. g language and a MySQL database to store information, and later improved by Lee Daniel Croker. MediaWiki features and ease of use have not only made it very popular, but have turned it into the leading software in its category, and is currently being used on many websites
  4. Download MediaWiki for free. MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and other projects. MediaWiki is no longer distributed via SourceForge, for downloads and other information please visit www.mediawiki.org
  5. MediaWiki ist eine frei verfügbare Verwaltungssoftware für Inhalte in Form eines Wiki-Systems.Dies bedeutet, dass jeder Benutzer die Inhalte per Zugriff über den Browser ändern kann. Sie wurde ursprünglich für die freie Enzyklopädie Wikipedia entwickelt. MediaWiki steht unter der GPL-Lizenz und ist somit frei und kostenlos verfügbar
  6. Mediawiki Mediawiki är den programvara som används för att driva Wiki-pedia och många andra wiki-webbplatser. Mediawiki är gratis att installera och använda, och programmet har många finesser till-gängliga både i grundutförandet och genom så kallade program-tillägg, extensions. Programkoden är också fritt tillgänglig, vilke

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Method 1Method 1 of 2:Local Server Download Article. Install web server software, if you haven't already. Download MediaWiki to your local computer. Uncompress the files into the root directory of your website (not in a subdirectory) MediaWiki is the name of the software that runs all of the Wikimedia projects. MediaWiki was released in 2003. It is free server-based software which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The software is licensed under the GPL.This means it is free content, or open source.. MediaWiki is designed to be run on a large web server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per. MediaWiki (рус. Медиавики) — вики-движок, который был написан специально для Википедии и используется во многих других проектах фонда Викимедиа, а также частных и государственных организациях Editing. hotcat[ResourceLoader]|hotcat.js; editsection0[default|ResourceLoader|dependencies=mediawiki.util|type=general]|editsection0.js|editsection0.cs

MediaWiki on wiki-sivustojen eli kenen tahansa käyttäjän itse muokattavissa olevien verkkosivustojen tekemiseen tarkoitettu tietokoneohjelmisto. Wikipedia, Commons ja muut Wikimedian hankkeet toimivat MediaWikillä. MediaWiki on GNU GPL-lisensoitu avoimen lähdekoodin ohjelma.. MediaWiki on saatavilla usealla sadoilla kielellä, ja jotkut kieliversiot sisältävät mm. taivutusfunktioita. MediaWiki feature to stop spambots from registering new accounts, as shown in Italian Wikibooks 2006-01 After successful of a user who already has had edits and talk User tabs with preferences highlighted User preferences overview Set language detail of user preference MediaWiki 是一套基于网络的Wiki引擎,維基媒體基金會的所有项目乃至众多wiki网站皆採用了这一软件。 MediaWiki软件最初是为自由内容百科全书维基百科所开发的,今日已被一些公司机构部署为内部的知识管理和内容管理系统。 Novell甚而还在多个高流量的网站中使用了该软件 MediaWiki on IIS. 05/14/2020; 3 minutes to read; R; n; m; n; In this article. by Eric Woersching. Introduction. The following sections describe how to install and configure MediaWiki for use with FastCGI on Windows Server® 2008. This document assumes that you have completed the setup and configuration of the FastCGI extension and PHP libraries as described here This help page contains a list of guides and single-topic help files for the MediaWiki software compiled at the main page of meta.wikimedia.org.It has been progressively being moved to the www.mediawiki.org website. Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki was formerly where such documents were managed and also where proposals were discussed before MediaWiki was created

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. to refresh your session MediaWiki is wiki software, released under the GPL, that is used by Wikimedia projects as well as other websites.It is an implementation of a wiki, a content pool that anyone can freely edit.It is developed using Phabricator, our instance of Phacility's Phabricator.. MediaWiki 1.36.2 is the latest stable version, and is recommended for third-party users

Media in category MediaWiki. The following 200 files are in this category, out of 486 total. (previous page) ( next page) 20071011 outillage de wikipedia.pdf 1,654 × 1,239, 13 pages; 1.38 MB. 2016-12-06-051054 1280x800 scrot.png 1,280 × 800; 201 KB. 2017 source editor search bug.png 449 × 478; 59 KB MediaWiki Alternatives. MediaWiki is described as 'free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki' and is a well-known app in the Education & Reference category Definition at line 1117 of file MediaWiki.php. References DeferredUpdates\doUpdates (), emitBufferedStatsdData (), MediaWiki\MediaWikiServices\getInstance (), Profiler\instance (), and wfDebug (). Referenced by doPostOutputShutdown (). Run the current MediaWiki instance; index.php just calls this MediaWiki je software (wiki systém), na kterém běží Wikipedie a další projekty nadace Wikimedia.MediaWiki se někdy proto označuje jako engine Wikipedie. MediaWiki je svobodný software, šířený pod licencí GNU GPL.. Program MediaWiki je napsán v PHP s využitím databáze MySQL [zdroj?] nebo PostgreSQL.Původním autorem je Magnus Manske.Do doby vytvoření MediaWiki používala. MediaWiki is the free open-source wiki software used to power Wikipedia and thousands of other wikis. The contributions of hundreds of individual developers have helped make it a feature-rich, secure and scalable platform capable of powering some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world

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  1. MediaWiki Releases. Name Last modified Size Description. Parent Directory - snapshot/ 2018-01-03 03:47 - 1.37/ 2021-10-21 20:58 - 1.36/ 2021-09-30 17:39 - 1.35/ 2021-09-30 17:39 - 1.34/ 2020-09-24 22:06 - 1.33/ 2020-06-24 16:46 - 1.32/ 2019-12-19 14:05 - 1.31/ 2021-09-30 17:39 - 1.30/ 2019-06-06 15:44 - 1.29/ 2018-09-20 21:01 - 1.28/ 2017-11-14.
  2. MediaWiki er en wiki-programvare utgitt under GNU General Public License. Den er skrevet i PHP og benytter en MySQL- eller PostgreSQL-database til å lagre informasjonen. En webserver viser informasjonen på internett. MediaWiki ble opprinnelig skrevet for Wikipedia av den tyske studenten og Wikipedia-utvikleren Magnus Manske
  3. Welcome to the MediaWiki autogenerated documentation system. If you are looking to use, install or configure your wiki, see the main site: https://www.mediawiki.org.
  4. is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. Through various projects, chapters, and the support structure of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia strives to bring about a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.. Welcome to Wikimedia
  5. MediaWiki este o aplicație software de tip wiki, bazată pe web, folosită în toate proiectele Fundației Wikimedia, la toate wikipediile găzduite de Wikia, și la multe alte aplicații de tip wikipedia, chiar foarte mari și populare. Inițial, softul a fost dezvoltat pentru a fi folosit la enciclopedia liberă Wikipedia.Astăzi este folosit și de diverse companii pentru managementul.
  6. MediaWiki è un diffuso software libero wiki per il web.Sviluppato dalla Wikimedia Foundation per Wikipedia, MediaWiki è usato da tutti i progetti della Wikimedia Foundation e da molti altri siti web wiki.Si tratta di un Content Management System scritto in PHP che utilizza un database relazionale MySQL o PostgreSQL per l'archiviazione dei dati. È un software libero distribuito con licenza.

MediaWiki是一款全球开源wiki程序,运行于PHP+MySQL环境。MediaWiki从2002年2月25日被作为维基百科全书的系统软件,并有大量其他应用实例。MediaWiki的开发得到维基媒体基金会的支持。MediaWiki是建立wiki网站的首选后台程序,国内的灰狐维客等站点都采用这套系统 BlueSpice is based on MediaWiki. The software of wikipedia: reliable, proven, popular. BlueSpice is Open Source. No compulsive ties to manufacturers and service providers. BlueSpice ist web-based. 24/7 access from any location with network access. BlueSpice dresses up. Adaptation to your corporate design or own skin MediaWiki es un software para wikis libre programado en el lenguaje PHP.Es el software usado por Wikipedia y otros proyectos de la Fundación Wikimedia (Wikcionario, Wikilibros, etc).Ha tenido una gran expansión desde 2005 y existe un gran número de wikis basados en este software que no mantienen relación con dicha fundación, aunque sí comparten la idea de la generación de contenidos de. MediaWiki is a free open source software used to power Wikipedia and many other wiki like websites. With our Tables Generator you can easily generate code that you can paste into a Wikipedia page source. Current version of the generator supports only a subset of MediaWiki tables formatting options. The format of the generated code should be.

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  1. MediaWiki is een webapplicatie waarmee een website kan worden gemaakt volgens de wikitechniek.Deze vrije software wordt gebruikt voor Wikipedia en haar Wikimedia-zusterprojecten.MediaWiki werd ook wel Software Phase III genoemd.. Magnus Manske was de oorspronkelijke auteur van de software die is geschreven in de programmeertaal PHP en die als onderliggende databaseserver MySQL, PostgreSQL of.
  2. MediaWiki est un moteur de wiki pour le Web.Il est utilisé par l'ensemble des projets de la Wikimedia Foundation, des wikis hébergés chez FANDOM, ainsi que par de nombreux autres wikis.Conçu pour répondre aux besoins de Wikipédia, ce moteur est en 2008 également utilisé par des entreprises comme solution de gestion des connaissances et comme système de gestion de contenu
  3. MediaWiki is the engine that is used for Wikipedia. See MediaWiki for more information.. Beware: apt-get installs old versions of mediawiki, which is no longer supported by upstream
  4. ing & machine learning team :
  5. MediaWiki - otwartoźródłowe oprogramowanie typu wiki wykorzystywane przede wszystkim przez wszystkie wersje językowe Wikipedii i szereg innych projektów Wikimedia Foundation, jak również innych serwisów działających w pełni niezależnie.. MediaWiki zostało napisane w PHP i jest rozpowszechniane na licencji GNU GPL; jako silnika bazy danych używa MySQL, PostgreSQL lub Ingres
  6. MediaWiki是由PHP开发的免费开源的维基程序,运行于PHP+mySQL环境。他是专为维基百科开发的wiki程序,目前除维基媒体基金会的项目外,也被广泛的应用在其他网站中。MediaWiki适合建立大型的百科网站,也有很多网站利用MediaWiki建立知识库系统,例如著名的Blog程序WordPress的官方网站的知识库体系就是基于.
  7. MediaWiki is the software platform underlying Wikipedia; he chose that software because he's amazed and fascinated with both Wikipedia and the software underlying it, he said. He wanted to learn more about building wikis, and thought Lostpedia was a good place to start

MediaWiki offers hundreds of configuration settings, stored in global PHP variables. Their default value is set in DefaultSettings.php, and the system administrator can override them by editing LocalSettings.php. MediaWiki used to over-depend on global variables, including for configuration and context processing MediaWiki needs no introduction, but we'll offer one anyway. MediaWiki is the engine behind Wikipedia, the behemoth website with millions of articles written by millions of users and translated into dozens of languages. Scale, internationalization, and flexibility have turned MediaWiki into one of the most popular open source wiki applications of all times

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Extensions. Various MediaWiki extensions are available to further extend Semantic MediaWiki with additional functionality, and some basic extensions of MediaWiki are generally useful for employing Semantic MediaWiki. Most extensions are not maintained by the SMW Project. Please see the respective extension's main documentation page and. MediaWiki je softverski paket otvorenog koda koji pokreće wikipediju i sve ostale Wikimedijine projekte.. Nemojte zamijeniti s Zakladom Wikimedia, koja upravlja Wikipedijom i sestrinskim projektima.. MediaWiki [ˈmiːdiəˌwɪki], slobodna i otvorena wiki aplikacija koju je originalno razvio Zaklada Wikimedija, a pokreće mnoge websiteove, uključujući Wikipediju, Wiktionary i Wikimedia Commons

wikitech: - Server, Hardware, Software-Aktualisierung und mehr (englisch) Phabricator - Bugtracker und mehr. Durchsuchen der Quellcodes des Kerns. mw:Project:Support desk - Auskunftsplattform; auch für private Installationen (englisch) commons:Category:MediaWiki - Bilder (Icons, Screenshots) und Medien. Wikipedia:Mailinglisten #. Hi everyone, I'm setting up a new MediaWiki instance for the first time, and need some help in figuring out why MobileFrontend isn't displaying properly on mobile devices. The extension is definitely installed because the footer allows you to change between Desktop and Mobile, but the actual CSS formatting doesn't change MediaWiki is a great PHP-based Wiki application that is used to power many sites, including Wikipedia itself. One of MediaWiki strengths is how easy it is to extend with its plug-in architecture. The following is a list of 20 extensions that should make your life easier and save you a fair bit of time. Chec

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  1. Download Semantic MediaWiki for free. Lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages. Semantic MediaWiki is an extension to the MediaWiki software (powering Wikipedia), which extends the Wiki with ideas from the Semantic Web. We focus on usability and tight integration
  2. MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki application written in PHP. It was originally created for WikiPedia, but it now allows everyone to create their own wiki sites. This tutorial goes through how to set up MediaWiki on a CentOS 7 Droplet
  3. 28 May 2021. 28 May '21. 12:22 a.m. I am happy to announce the availability of the general release of MediaWiki 1.36! Tarballs have already been uploaded, and the git tag has been pushed. Please note that MediaWiki 1.36 now requires the PHP internationalization extension, commonly referred to as Intl, ext-intl, or php-intl
  4. Semantic MediaWiki (or SMW for short) is an extension to the well-known MediaWiki software. The purpose of SMW is to allow users to improve the structure and organization of the knowledge in a wiki by adding simple, machine-processable information to wiki articles
  5. MediaWiki надає інтерфейс роботи з базою сторінок, розмежування прав доступу до адміністрування системи, можливість обробки тексту як у власному форматі, так і у форматах HTML та TeX (для формул), можливість завантаження.

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  1. News and Updates. To be up to date with all the MediaWiki Widgets development, Widgets extension and Widgets themselves, to be sure you have latest security updates and to find new widgets, subscribe to our Google Group: mediawiki-widgets. Also, check our community portal to see what's going on in the community
  2. Multiple security issues were found in MediaWiki, a website engine for collaborative work, which could result in cross-site scripting, denial of service and a bypass of restrictions in the Replace Text extension. For the oldstable distribution (buster), these problems have been fixed in version 1:1.31.16-1~deb10u1. For the stable distribution.
  3. Docker container for MediaWiki. Contribute to wikimedia/mediawiki-docker development by creating an account on GitHub
  4. Wikimedia configuration files. Below is a selection of Wikimedia configuration files available for easy viewing. The files are dynamically generated and are perfectly up-to-date. Each of these files is also available in public version control in one of the following repositories: operations/mediawiki-config.git. operations/puppet.git
  5. ė įranga, kuri aptarnauja Vikipedijos enciklopediją. Ji kuriama PHP programavimo kalba ir leidžia didelei grupei redaktorių veiks
  6. Download Microsoft Office Word Add-in For MediaWiki from Official Microsoft Download Center Microsoft 365 Premium Office apps, extra cloud storage, advanced security, and more—all in one convenient subscriptio

MediaWiki é um software livre e de código aberto do tipo Wiki escrito na linguagem de programação PHP e utiliza sistemas de gestão com base de dados MySQL.Desenvolvida na fundação Wikimedia, que a utiliza para seus principais projetos, incluindo a Wikipédia, Wikcionário e o Wikimedia Commons, entre outros. [3] [4] O nome MediaWiki foi adotado a partir de 2003 A MediaWiki egy webalapú wiki alkalmazás, amelyet a Wikimédia Alapítvány összes projektje, a Wikia összes wikije és sok egyéb wiki használ, beleértve néhányat a legnagyobbak és a legnépszerűbbek közül. Eredetileg a Wikipédia, a szabad enciklopédia kiszolgálására tervezték. Mára több vállalat telepítette belső tudástárnak és tartalomkezelő rendszernek

MediaWiki là phần mềm wiki được phát hành dưới Giấy phép Công cộng GNU (GPL). Nó cung cấp nhiều chức năng được viết đầu tiên cho Wikipedia và các dự án trực thuộc Quỹ Hỗ trợ Wikimedia, và cũng được sử dụng ở nhiều Wiki khác.Bất cứ người nào cũng được phép sử dụng nó để xây dựng website cá nhân As per the MediaWiki version lifecycle[1], I would like to announce the formal end of life (EOL) of MediaWiki 1.31 as of today, Thursday September 30, 2021, coinciding with the final security and maintenance release for the branch, 1.31.16. This means that MediaWiki 1.31 will no longer receive maintenance or security backports MediaWiki, GNU lisansıyla korunan, kullanımı açık bir viki yazılımıdır. PHP ile yazılmıştır ve MySQL veya PostgreSQL ilişkisel veritabanı yönetim sistemi kullanır. MediaWiki; 1.7 sürümünden itibaren PHP 5 desteğini zorunlu tutmaktadır. Eğer PHP'nin eski bir sürümünü kullanıyorsanız MediaWiki'nin 1.6.10 sürümünü kullanmak zorundasınız

Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta MediaWiki is basically a free server-based software which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you're intent on creating a big or popular wiki don't worry - it's designed to be run on a large server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per day About MediaWiki: MediaWiki is the open-source wiki application best known for powering Wikipedia. It is also the most popular wiki application in the world, in use on tens of thousands of sites in many different languages, on wikis for everyone from small groups to communities to government agencies and major corporations

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Το MediaWiki είναι μια ελεύθερη διαδικτυακή εφαρμογή μορφής wiki.Αναπτύχθηκε από το Ίδρυμα Wikimedia και άλλους και χρησιμοποιήθηκε για να τρέξει όλα του τα εγχειρήματα, περιλαμβάνοντας τη Βικιπαίδεια, το Βικιλεξικό και τα. MediaWiki installieren - Die aktuelle MediaWiki-Version wird heruntergeladen und in die MoWeS-Installation eingebunden. Anpassungen - Mit den LocalSettings wird das lokale Wiki eingerichtet. Bei Bedarf können Links auf Wikipedia und fremdsprachige Projekte verweisen MediaWiki (ქართულად: მედიავიკი) — პროგრამული მექანიზმი ვებ.

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MediaWiki是一套为维基百科量身打造的软件,于2002年2月25日起开始被改用。 该软件使用PHP编程语言写成,并在2002年7月进行了一次大升级。 Magnus Manske是此软件的原作者,它是用PHP语言写成,并使用了MySQL资料库。 本软件是以GNU通用公共协议证书发表。 我们欢迎任何软件黑客参与程序的编写工作 MediaWikiというソフトウェアが、ウィキペディアを含むウィキメディア・プロジェクトを動作させています。 ウィキの一種で、ブラウザを利用してハイパーテキストを簡単に複数の編集者で共同編集するためのシステムです。 MediaWikiを用いて、編集や表示のための高度な環境を実現しています 感谢您对本站的支持,目前本站已经暂停服务。 如果有必要请发邮件联系: 网站管理员,不便之处敬请谅解。 另外,如果您是来查看《民间秘术大全》,请点击:纯文字版 网站管理

Welcome to our MediaWiki. Feel free to pitch in and help out! We need your help to fill and improve our Wiki. Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help. AviSynth documentation copyright Thank you for testing the MediaWiki extension. Since FCKeditor is no longer supported and was replaced with CKEditor, active development of the MediaWiki extension is also finished. If you would like to download the latest (and last) version of the extension,. These are the questions that usually arise in tourists' minds when they think of visiting. Well, here are the answers to all such queries. Yellowstone National Park has been a great attraction for the ones . Read More MediaWiki []. MediaWiki is software die gemaakt is om te werken op een server en is geoptimaliseerd voor het werken op uitgebreide serverclusters. De licentie van de software is GNU General Public License, dat wil zeggen dat de broncode vrij is gegeven en anderen het programma verder mogen ontwikkelen.Het is geschreven in de taal PHP en de inhoud van de verschillende platformen die draaien met. Contributing to Mozilla. Mozilla project-wide status meetings (every Monday) Other project calls. Mozilla projects (Firefox, Platform, Add-ons, etc.) Mozilla Reps. Student Ambassadors

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 Internationa This package provides the mediawiki remote helper, which allows Git to read from and write to a wiki such as Wikipedia as though it were a remote Git repository, and a 'git mw' command that can show a preview of how wiki markup will be rendered before pushing With ndiswrapper, most miniPCI (builtin), PCI, PCMCIA (Cardbus only) or USB wireless network cards work in Linux with x86 or x86-64. Although ndiswrapper is intended for wireless network cards, other devices are known to work: e.g., ethernet cards, USB to serial port device, home phone network device etc. This wiki aims to be a knowledge base. MediaWiki的集合扩展 关于馆藏扩展 的Collection扩展允许用户收集文章并为文章收藏和单个文章生成不同格式(PDF,OpenDocument文本等)的可下载版本。 由于使用了OOjs UI小部件库和某些MW API的更改,因此已针对.

<?xml version=1.0?> <api> <error code=gwlnotloggedin info=You must be logged-in to have a watchlist xml:space=preserve> ***** ** ** ** This is an auto. Ova stranica posljednji je put uređivana 29. rujna 2021. u 17:29. Tekst je dostupan pod licencijom Creative Commons: Imenuj autora/Dijeli pod istim uvjetima; mogu se primjenjivati i dodatni uvjeti.Pogledajte Uvjete upotrebe za detalje.; Zaštita privatnosti; Impresum; Odricanje od odgovornost $1 minor edits | $2 bots | $3 logged in users | $6 anonymous users | $5 own edits Retrieved from https://mi.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Showhideminor. Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) es una extensión para MediaWiki, que permite anotar datos semánticos dentro de páginas wiki, convirtiendo así a una wiki que incorpore la extensión en una wiki semántica.Los datos que han sido codificados pueden ser utilizados en búsquedas semánticas, usados para agregación de páginas, mostrados en formatos como mapas, calendarios y gráficos, y exportados al.

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