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Major Battles Of World War II (WW2) 1. Battle of the Bulge (December of 1944 to January of 1945). Fought in the Ardennes Forest from December 16th of 1944... 2. Battle of Berlin (April to May of 1945). The final destruction of Hitler's stronghold in Europe began on the 16th of... 3. Battle of Midway. Monte Cassino, January 17-May 18, 1944: 185,000 casualties. 9. Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge), December 16, 1944-January 25, 1945: 186,369 casualties. 8. Kursk, July5-August 23, 1943: 257,125 casualties. 7. Second Battle of Kharkov, May 12-28, 1942: 300,000 casualties. 6. France, May 10-June 25, 1940: 469,000 casualties The victories of the Battle of Britain and Battle of the Atlantic were the most important strategic achievements of WW2 as Britain and her allies, notably the maritime Dominions such as Newfoundland and Canada and the British Empire, fought on alone for four years before any substantial involvement by the Americans, who were decidedly anti-war, while most of Europe had surrendered to tyranny Second Battle of Eora Creek - Templeton's Crossing, October 1942; Battle of Oivi-Gorari, November 1942; Battle of Milne Bay, August-September 1942; Guadalcanal Campaign: August 1942 - February 1943 Battle of Tulagi and Gavutu-Tanambogo, August 1942; Battle of Savo Island, August 1942; Makin Island raid, August 1942; Battle of the Tenaru: August 194

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Battle of Gaugamela: 331 BC Wars of Alexander the Great: 53,500: Battle of the Hydaspes: 326 BC Wars of Alexander the Great: 23,310: Battle of Sentinum: 295 BC Third Samnite War: 33,700: Battle of Heraclea: 280 BC Pyrrhic War: 11,000-26,000: Battle of Kalinga: 262 BC Kalinga-Maurya Empir Battle of Kiev 7 July - 26 September - The largest encirclement battle of World War II Battle of Beirut (1941) 12 July - Australian and allied forces defeat Vichy French forces Battle of Smolensk 6 July - 5 August - Soviet attempt to block Wehrmacht's advance on Mosco 20 Major Battles of World War II; Battle Dates Military Deaths Location Winner; Atlantic: Sept. 3, 1939-May 24, 1945: 73,000: Atlantic Ocean (naval) Allies: Britain: July 10-October 31, 1940: 2,500: British airspace: Allies: Operation Barbarossa: June 22, 1941-Jan. 7, 1942: 1,600,000: Russia: Allies: Leningrad (Siege) Sept 8, 1941-Jan 27, 1944: 850,000: Russia: Allies: Pearl Harbo

Furthermore, what was the worst battle of ww2? Battle of Stalingrad . Correspondingly, what was the first battle in ww2? Battle of Guadalcanal . What are the 5 major battles of World War 2? Major Battles Of World War II (WW2) Battle of the Bulge (December of 1944 to January of 1945) Battle of Berlin (April to May of 1945) Battle of Midway (June. The Battle of France (French: bataille de France) [10 May - 25 June 1940] also known as the Western Campaign (Westfeldzug) the French Campaign, (German: Frankreichfeldzug, French: campagne de France) and the Fall of France, was the German invasion of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands during the Second World War.On 3 September 1939, France had declared war on Germany, following. While the Soviet Army was eventually the force that stifled the Nazi military, the Battle of Kiev was one of the worst defeats of the war. Soviet troops were stationed on the Southwestern front near Kiev. German forces believed the troops stationed at the front were important, but were focused on marching towards Moscow As one of the most famous battles ever, the invasion of Normandy was also among the bloodiest. This long-awaited Allied invasion into Nazi-occupied territory was a pivotal victory for the Allies. The offensive launched on the morning of June 6, 1944, now known simply as D-Day The biggest battle of the war was the Battle of Stalingrad, with an estimated 2 million casualties. Many of the battles in WWII were conflicts between the Soviet Union, one of the Allied powers.

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Battle of the Atlantic. September 13, 1941. May 8, 1945. Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Irish Sea, Labrador Sea, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Outer Banks, Arctic Ocean. Around 18,000 sailors and merchant seamen killed. Allied victory. Germany, Japan (Possibly), Currently unknown. Longest military campaign of World War II Hitler's surprise attack on the USSR was the most devastating victory of the whole war; as a battle it covered the largest area. The Wehrmacht's first objective was achieved: the rapid destruction the Red Army in western Russia

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BIGGEST NAVAL BATTLE OF WWII (Part 1): The Battle of Leyte Gulf | Battle 360 | History - YouTube World War 2 saw a large number of battles fought across much of the globe. Major battles occurred between the Axis and Allied powers across North Africa, Europe, Asia and more with the war being referred to by the Allied Powers as the European and Pacific fronts. Strategically, the United States agreed with Great Britian to place Europe as a Strategic priority while holding in the Pacific 8. BATTLE OF BERLIN The final battle of the Eastern front began on April 16 th , 1945, as Soviet troops attempted to capture Berlin. German troops fought to the last man, but the Soviet victory was inevitable. 9. LIBERATION OF AUSHWITZ Soviet forces liberated the largest German concentration/death camp Auschwitz The Battle of the Bulge was a major German offensive launched toward the end of World War II. For the Americans, with 840,000 men and 89,000 casualties, the Battle of the Bulge was the largest and bloodiest battle that they fought Battle of Singapore; Part of the Malayan Campaign of World War II: Lieutenant-General Arthur Ernest Percival (right), led by Ichiji Sugita, walks under a flag of truce to negotiate the capitulation of Allied forces in Singapore, on 15 February 1942.It was the largest surrender of British-led forces in history

Media caption, The Soviet advance at Kursk was a turning-point in WW2 Winning the biggest tank battle in history - against Nazi Germany at Kursk in 1943 - remains a great source of pride for Russians WW2 Treasure Hunters. WW2 Heroes - the story of Major Digby Tatham-Warter. Battles. The Battle of Kursk: the largest tank battle in history. Battles. You might be interested in. 6 Things you didn't know about the CIA. Secret War On Drugs. Castro vs Batista: the rebellion which changed the world US enters the war, opening the Pacific Theatre. Jan 1, 1940, Battle of Britain. Germany suffers its first defeat in the skies over England, and abandons invasion plans. Oct 1, 1942, Battle of Stalingrad. Germany's entire Sixth Army is lost, and the war begins turning in favor of the Allies. Battle of Midway Answer (1 of 2): Not on Land. It's not just Land Soldiers who fight a War but they get all the attention, air and especially naval soldiers get over looked. By far the most important fighting wasn't on Land anyway, it was at Sea, the control of which dictated a War of logistics and long range exp.. The Top Ten Battles of All Time. By Michael Lee Lanning Lt. Col. (Ret.) U.S. Army. Battles win wars, topple thrones, and redraw borders. Every age of human history has experienced battles that have been instrumental in molding the future. Battles influence the spread of culture, civilization, and religious dogma

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  1. The Longest Continuous Battle of WW2 - 5 Years, 8 Months & 5 Days. The first U-boat sunk was on September 14th, 1939 when three torpedoes from U-39 exploded prematurely in an attack on the British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. The Battle of the Atlantic, centered around the efforts of the Allies during World War II to provide aid for Great.
  2. The Worst Battlefield Blunders: Five Battles That Ended Badly. Imagine how much longer and bloodier World War II might have been had Admiral Yamamoto not filled the decks of his vulnerable carriers at Midway with fully fueled airplanes awaiting ordnance. What if Hitler, despite his anger at the bombing of Berlin, hadn't switched tactics from.
  3. Key Battles of WWII. 2. Nazi Blitzkrieg• September 1939 - WWII starts, starting WWII• July 1940 - most of Europe has surrendered to Nazi Germany, including France• July-October 1940 - Battle of Britain• June 1941 - Operation Barbarossa - German invasion of the Soviet Union. 3
  4. These Are The WW2 Battle Tanks That Shaped The Battle Of Normandy. By Connor Doyle Published Jun 13, 2021. Share Share Tweet Email. It's not always about having the biggest gun in the fight; sometimes tactics are much more effective than pure artillery strength

The largest tank battle in history began 75 years ago today — here's how it changed WWII. The Battle of Kursk began July 5, 1943 and lasted more than a month. The German surprise assault and. The Battle of Leyte Gulf is remembered as the biggest naval battle ever fought. It spanned more than 100,000 square miles of sea. Battle of Salamis. Ranked as one of the most decisive military engagements of all time. This was due to its impact on the emergence of Western civilization as a major force in the world Major Battles of WW2. Terms in this set (25) Battle of Westerplatte. September 1-7 1939. 3400 Germans attack the Peninsula of Westerplatte thus starting World War 2. It was both the largest armoured clash and the costliest single day of aerial warfare in history. Battle of Monte Cassino Deadliest Battles in U.S.History 1. Battle of Meuse-Argonne World War I: 26,277 2. Battle of the Bulge (WW2) 19,276 3. Battle of Okinawa (WW2) 12,513 4. Battle of Gettysburg (Civil) 7,863 5. Battle This Was the Biggest and Baddest Tank Battle of All Time. And it's not what you think. The battle which developed and then concluded on June 30 was a confusing morass that swallowed 2,648 Soviet.

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The biggest mistakes in World War 2. The Biggest Mistakes In World War 2 In the following four months, with most of the German military far away in France and busy with the Battle of Britain, very large Russian forces were positioned just 100 miles from Ploesti,. The Battle of Stalingrad, taking place from August 1942 to February 1943, was the largest battle of WW2 with 1.1 million Soviet and 800,000 German casualties

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The film Eine Frau in Berlin A woman in Berlin , based on the bestselling book of the same name conjures up images of one of the most brutal pages from the past: sexual violence against German women at the end of World War II. Insulting the honor of German women. Ordinary women who had nothing to do with the Nazi government The battle of Tsushima is one of the most decisive victories in naval history. The land battles should also be mentioned inthe Russo-Japanese War. The battle of Mukden was the largest battle in a hundred years and had over 500,000 men between the 2 forces They Survived the Worst Battles of World War II. And Died of the Virus. Inside the Holyoke Soldiers' Home was a man who had served as a jailer to Hitler's top aide The Battle of Saipan: WW2's Largest Banzai Attack. WW2 Reads Book Reviews 0. It is often the case that the lesser known battles of World War Two can have an impact far beyond what has been originally recognized. This was the case with the 25-day Battle of Saipan covered in Their Backs Against the Sea

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  1. World War II - Battle of the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Offensive, was Germany's last great tank offensive in World War II and the largest combat action in US military history. It took place in the Ardennes Forest in France, Luxembourg and Belgium and lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945
  2. Together they earn 28 battle stars. 4th Kongo class Bcs , from ww1 until the end of ww2 these units participated in famous battles, outclassed by their modern ww2 counterparts they were all sunk but the only IJN battleship class that are part of almost all ww2 surface battles. 5t
  3. The Battle of Hochwald Gap was almost as big as Normandy, but with three times the number of casualties. The Canadians assembled a force of 90,000 infantry, 1300 artillery guns and over 1000 tanks
  4. ates in the events of Operation Argument (widely known today as Big Week) between 20-25 February 1944 when the combined Allied Strategic air forces based in Britain and Italy, the USAAF 8th and 9th Air Forces and RAF's Bomber Command, launched, at the instigation of the USAAF.
  5. The battle of Stalingrad was one of the most important events to take place during World War II, and Enemy at the Gates does a great job at showing this significance to western viewers. This particular story focuses on the information war and the rise in the usage of the Sniper. This isn't a perfect World War II movie, but it is definitely a good WW2 movie, and the battle scenes.
  6. The Battle of Stalingrad was a brutal military campaign between Russian forces and those of Nazi Germany and the Axis powers during World War II. The battle is infamous as one of the largest.
  7. Largest tank battle in history ends. The Battle of Kursk, involving some 6,000 tanks, two million men, and 5,000 aircraft, ends with the German offensive repulsed by the Soviets at heavy cost. In.

Biggest Naval battle in history- Battle of Leyte Gulf WW2 I stumbled upon this article few days back while preparing for my exams, so i was waiting for the exams to get over so that I could post about this battle in detail. This is supposed to be the largest naval battle fought ever, in terms of tonnage engaged and space covered Battle of Kursk, (July 5-August 23, 1943), unsuccessful German assault on the Soviet salient around the city of Kursk, in western Russia, during World War II. The salient was a bulge in the Soviet lines that stretched 150 miles (240 km) from north to south and protruded 100 miles (160 km) westwar The Panzer III, after armor and gun upgrades, formed the bulk of the Wehrmacht, until late 1942.By then, another model became available in great numbers, the Panzer IV.Conceived by Guderian and developed in 1936 as a support medium tank (Begleitwagen), it was available in limited quantities during the battle of France, but formed a large part of the Wehrmacht in the summer of 1941, during. King George V battleship HMS Anson (CyberHeritage, click to enlarge) in 1945. Laid down in 1937 and still the measure of naval power at the start of World War 2. By 1945, the battleship and its large gun had been superseded by the aircraft carrier and its aircraft

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The 1945 battle for Okinawa, Japan, was to become one of the costliest of the Second World War. Here, military historian James Holland explores the savagery of the battle through the memories of American marine Bill Pierce. April 1, 1945 - April Fool's Day, Easter Sunday, and 'L-Day' for the invasion of Okinawa, Japan The first city destroyed by the atomic bomb. Hiroshima. The bloodiest battle of the Pacific. Okinawa. The biggest winner of World War 2. America. ___ Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and ___ million total. 6,11. The unification of Austria and Germany was called Be Unique. Shop ww2 raf battle of britain t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality ww2 raf battle of britain t-shirts on the interne Battle of Normandy. During the summer of 1944, the Allied nations entered France for a historic battle. Now known as the battle of Normandy, this event was the largest seaborne invasion in modern history. More than three million Allied troops swept across the English Channel to enter occupied France during this World War II battle Explore a timeline outlining the key events of WW2 British victory in Battle of Britain forces Hitler to postpone invasion plans. The biggest conflict in history had lasted almost six years

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1942 (4): Battle of Midway The Battle of Midway took place in the Pacific in the June of 1942, it was a crucial and decisive naval battle, which eventually saw the Americans as victorious. 1943 (1): Surrender at Stalingrad German defeat at Stalingrad was a turning point in WW2 and is regarded as one of the bloodiest battles in modern history The Tanks The Helped Win The War. The day the Allied forces landed on the beach at Normandy became known as D-Day. It was the event that started the end of the Second World War, and a large part of the success was down to the diverse military vehicles that were deployed.. There were several different types of Allied tanks that each had specific jobs in dismantling the German tank force Battles of WW2 in Europe . By Txh2451. Sep 1, 1939. Germany Invasion of Poland DescriptionThe invasion of Poland marked the beginning of World War II. They invasion was brought by Germany trying to create trouble y invading Poland and creating war Origins of World War II. No one historic event can be said to have been the origin of World War II. Japan's unexpected victory over czarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) left open the door for Japanese expansion in Asia and the Pacific. The United States U.S. Navy first developed plans in preparation for a naval war with Japan in 1890 Battle of Kursk, in Russia. July 1943. The biggest land and tank battle of World War II.To answer your question on what was the biggest battle in World War 2, I assume you are including both.

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The Battle of Midway was a decisive naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II. This battle resulted in a victory for the United States and ultimately making Japan's losses hobbled by its naval might. This battle was important because it was considered the largest turning point for the Pacific theater within WW2 It could carry the heaviest bomb load of any WW2 aircraft, and it is most famously associated with the bouncing bombs used in the Dambuster raids, and the 22,000lb grand slam weapons. During WW2 a whopping total of 7,377 Lancasters were constructed, today there are just 17 examples left, and only 2 of those are airworthy Largest WW2 Battle - Rockford 2013. This is the Largest World War 2 Battle Re-enactment in the U.S.A. Held at Midway Village Museum in Rockford, Illinois and put on by the WW2 HRS (Historical Re-enactment Society) every September But largest battles of WW2 can be broken down into a number of categories. But the manpower category will be dominated by anything on the Eastern Front. Something about Libertarianism always bothered me. Then one day, I realized what it was That's also according to Zamulin and David Glantz, a historian of the Eastern Front and Soviet military. This, in fact, is the biggest tank battle in World War II, Glantz said regarding.

World War II (WWII or WW2), called the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union, was a global war involving fighting in most of the world and most countries.Most countries fought from 1939 to 1945, but some started fighting in 1937. Most of the world's countries, including all of the great powers, fought as part of two military alliances: the Allies and the Axis Powers The M4 Sherman was a great tank, it was incredibly capable and cheap, and easy to manufacture. It is an icon of the American army of WW2 and of the mighty American war economy. They were also able to continuously upgraded and adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of the war. Related: 8 Reasons Why The Sherman Tank Was The Best Tank Of WW2 This, in fact, is the biggest tank battle in World War II, Glantz said regarding the Battle of Brody during a 2007 lecture available via the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center

By the end of World War 2, the Mosquito would join ranks as one of the supreme air fighters of the conflict. Originally developed as a bomber, she went on to become one of the best British fighter planes of ww2. Editorial Team de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito - by EEA Aviation Museum. She was large for a fighter, with a wingspan of just over 54. 7. Battle of Huế - The Battle of Huế was one of the bloodiest and longest battles fought during the Vietnam War. During the battle, the forces of the U.S. Army, ARVN, and the U.S. Marine Corps fought and defeated the PAVN and the Viet Cong. Hue was an important city for the U.S. Army and its allies because Highway 1 which passed through the city was an important supply line

The Battle of Asal Uttar, between India and Pakistan, was one of the largest tank battles since World War II. It took place near the city of Asal Uttar in the state of Punjab, India from September 8 to September 10, 1965. The Battle of Asal Uttar demonstrated the importance of strategy and crew competence. Read more Kamikaze Pilots WW2 : An Analysis Of The Data. The Battle of Leyte Gulf stands as the largest naval battle in the Second World War, and the final battle where battleships would slug it out against each other. The allied victory at Leyte meant the green light for the recapture of the Philippines, and another dagger in Japanese ability to fuel.

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The Battle of Britain was a decisive air campaign fought over southern England in the summer and autumn of 1940. It was one of Britain's most important victories of the Second World War because it showed Germany could be defeated, it allowed Britain to carry on fighting the war, and ultimately ensured the Allies had a base from which to launch the liberation of Europe on D-Day in June 1944 War and Peace. by Max Roser. Reuse our work freely Cite this research. Draft version. We are currently working on a dataset of war and large-scale violent events over the long run. If you want to contribute to this research please get in touch. This entry presents an empirical perspective on the history of war and peace Answer (1 of 30): United States Contribution to WW2: Funny enough more American troops died or were wounded in WW2 than British troops. Yet some people still claim that America did nothing. One thing people fail to realize is that America was fighting two major wars at once. Total war deaths WW..

In the Battle of the Aleutian Islands (June 1942-August 1943) during World War II (1939-45), U.S. troops fought to remove Japanese garrisons established on World War II. World War II was fought between the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) and the Allied Powers (Britain, United States, Soviet Union, France). Most of the countries in the world were involved in some way. It was the deadliest war in all of human history with around 70 million people killed The Battle of Iwo Jima (February 19 - March 26, 1945) was an epic military campaign between U.S. Marines and the Imperial Army of Japan during World War II. American forces succeeded in securing. The epic clash that occurred at Prokhorovka on July 12, 1943 was part of the much larger Battle of Kursk, which lasted from July 5 to August 23 and is recognized as the biggest tank battle of all time. The Battle of Kursk began when the German army launched Operation Citadel, an attempt to use a pincer formation to smash a large bulge at the. The major portion of the armor and weaponry used by both countries was provided by the Americans, Russians and British who were getting rid of older equipment used in WW2. The Battle of Chawinda was one of the major battles fought during this war and is now hailed as one of the largest tank battles since the Battle of Kursk in WWII

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The Royal Navy had three battlecruisers at the beginning of the Second World War: Renown, Repulse, and Hood. All three were begun during the First World War, and represent the second generation of battlecruisers. Renown and Repulse were sisters, and carried 6-15in guns and a 9in belt on about 32,000t standard displacement Bloodiest Battles of the 20th Century. By the beginning of the 20th Century, the concept of battle had gotten extremely vague. The idea that armies would bloodlessly maneuver into position before engaging in a brief, concentrated clash of arms was a thing of the past 8 Reasons Why The Sherman Tank Was The Best Tank Of WW2. For the role it was intended, the M4 Sherman was a truly superb medium American tank. The M4 Sherman medium battle tank was one of the most iconic fighting vehicles of World War 2 and a defining image of the American Army in Europe. It was an excellent tank that excelled not only on the. Other articles where Battle of Poland is discussed: World War II: The campaign in Poland, 1939: Against northern Poland, General Fedor von Bock commanded an army group comprising General Georg von Küchler's 3rd Army, which struck southward from East Prussia, and General Günther von Kluge's 4th Army, which struck eastward across the base of the Corridor The Battle of Cherbourg was part of the Battle of Normandy during World War II. It was fought immediately after the successful Allied landings on 6 June 1944. Allied troops, mainly American, isolated and captured the fortified port, which was considered vital to the campaign in Western Europe, in a hard-fought, month-long campaign

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Play largest Allied invasion of WW2 first person shooting games and defeat the occupation forces with fire arms to take back France in this second world war Fps games. Play as army commando in D-Day World War 2 game, lead the battalion into front of ww2 shooting game 8. Oct 7, 2011. #5. ww2 commanders still alive. Simeon II, commander-in-chief of the Bulgarian Empire from 1943 to 1945, is still alive. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, commander-in-chief of Tibet throughout. World War II, is still alive

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Just under 3, 000 Americans were killed and more than 10, 000 were wounded. The battle of Saipan is also tragic for it's huge civilian losses. Saipan was captured by Japan after the first world war and because of that a large number of Japanese lived on the island, more than 25, 000. The Japanese emperor was worried about a possible defection. WW2 had lots of interesting tank destroyers that are often overlooked in favor of their main battle tank relatives. Most people know about the M4 Sherman , the Soviet T-34 tank, and the German Tiger tanks but often forgotten are the tank destroyers designed to actually destroy those tanks The Battle of Britain was the aerial conflict between the British and German air forces in the skies over the UK between July and October 1940. It was a decisive turning point of WWII. Germany needed to control the English Channel to launch an invasion of Britain. Furthermore, what battle was the turning point in ww2 WW2 ships sunk during the epic Battle of Iwo Jima have been raised from the bottom of the ocean after tremors from a Japanese volcano. Satellite images show the battered remains of 24 transport ve Battle of Santa Cruz Islands. The U.S. victory does not come cheaply in this fourth major carrier battle of 1942, for Enterprise (CV-6) is damaged by planes from carriers Junyo and Shokaku. Hornet (CV-8) is damaged by planes from Junyo, Shokaku, and Zuikaku. South Dakota (BB-57) and San Juan (CL-54) are damaged by planes from Junyo

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